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EMT-86568   Providence Crystal Wardrobe 1-3/4"
EMT-810P   Providence Knob
EMT-710PC   Providence Rustic Knob
EMT-86027   Providence Wardrobe Knob 1-3/4"
EMT-8080   Quincy Plate - Brass - 3 5/8" Center to Center Hole Spacing
EMT-8980   Quincy Plate - Brass - 5 1/2" Center to Center Hole Spacing
xQ   Quincy Rosette
EMT-2409   Quincy Rosette Doorbell Button
EMT-8378   Quincy Style Double Cylinder Brass
EMT-8478   Quincy Style Single Cylinder - Brass
EMT-8578   Quincy Style Single Sided - Brass
EMT-510RA-FA   R-Bar Faceted Lever
EMT-510RA-HA   R-Bar Hammered Lever
EMT-510RA-KN   R-Bar Knurled Lever
EMT-510RA-SK   R-Bar Straight Knurled Lever
EMT-510RA-TR   R-Bar Tribeca Lever
EMT-510RA-MRWH   R-Bar White Marble Lever
EMT-2201   Rectangular Flush Pull
EMT-451613   Rectangular Full Length
EMT-3026   Rectangular Full Length Mortise
EMT-3326   Rectangular Full Length Mortise Handleset
EMT-453636   Rectangular Full Length Style Grip by Grip
EMT-451512   Rectangular Monolithic
EMT-3025   Rectangular Monolithic Mortise
EMT-3125   Rectangular Monolithic Mortise
EMT-3325   Rectangular Monolithic Mortise Handleset
EMT-453515   Rectangular Monolithic Style Grip by Grip
EMT-3525   Rectangular Mortise
7110-BHP   Rectangular Pocket Door Passage
MP30100   Rectangular Pocket Door Passage Lock
7120-BHP   Rectangular Pocket Door Privacy
MP30101   Rectangular Pocket Door Privacy Lock
x21   Rectangular Rosette
EMT-2403   Rectangular Rosette Doorbell Button
EMT-451411   Rectangular Sectional
EMT-3024   Rectangular Sectional Mortise
EMT-3324   Rectangular Sectional Mortise Handleset
EMT-453414   Rectangular Sectional Style Grip by Grip
EMT-7360   Rectangular Sideplate - Sandcast Bronze - 3 5/8" Center to Center Hole Spacing
EMT-7560   Rectangular Sideplate - Sandcast Bronze - 5 1/2" Center to Center Hole Spacing
EMT-8368   Rectangular Style Double Cylinder Brass
EMT-2291   Rectangular Style Screen Door Lock
EMT-8468   Rectangular Style Single Cylinder - Brass
EMT-8568   Rectangular Style Single Sided - Brass
EMT-3007   Regency Mortise
EMT-3107   Regency Mortise
EMT-3507   Regency Mortise
EMT-3307   Regency Mortise Handleset
x0   Regular Rosette
EMT-2400   Regular Rosette Doorbell Button
EMT-8350   Regular Style Double Cylinder Brass
EMT - 8350   Regular Style Double Cylinder Sandcast Bronze
EMT-8450   Regular Style Single Cylinder - Brass
EMT - 8450   Regular Style Single Cylinder - Sandcast Bronze
EMT 8550   Regular Style Single Sided - Brass
EMT-451112   Remington Style
EMT-453111   Remington Style Grip by Grip
EMT-86293   Ribbon & Reed Back Plate
EMT-86294   Ribbon & Reed Back Plate 4"
EMT-86283   Ribbon & Reed Estate Pull
EMT-86287   Ribbon & Reed Estate Pull 10"
EMT-86286   Ribbon & Reed Estate Pull 6"
EMT-810RBK   Ribbon & Reed Knob
EMT-86277   Ribbon & Reed Knob 1-1/4"
EMT-86278   Ribbon & Reed Knob 1-3/4"
EMT-810RBL   Ribbon & Reed Lever
x7   Ribbon & Reed Rosette
EMT-2407   Ribbon & Reed Rosette Doorbell Button
EMT-4711   Ribbon & Reed Style
EMT-86080   Ribbon and Reed - 8" Brass Pulls
EMT-4313   Richmond Style
EMT-451721   Ridgemont Style
EMT-453727   Ridgemont Style Grip by Grip
EMT-8376   Ridgemont Style Plate and Flap Double Cylinder Sandcast Bronze
EMT-8476   Ridgemont Style Plate with Flap Single Cylinder - Sandcast Bronze
982-BHP   Rockaway Beach Lever - Privacy
983-BHP   Rockaway Beach Lever - Dummy
985-BHP   Rockaway Beach Lever - Keyed Entry
981-BHP   Rockaway Beach Lever - Passage
EMT-8801   Roller Catch with Strike and Screws
EMT-86112   Rope Cabinet Knob 1"
EMT-86113   Rope Cabinet Knob 1-1/4"
EMT-86202   Rope Cabinet Knob 1-3/4"
EMT-86125   Rope Cabinet Pull
EMT-86247   Rope Cabinet Pull 6"
EMT-810RK   Rope Knob
EMT-810RL   Rope Lever
EMT-7090   Rope Plate - Brass - 3 5/8" Center to Center Hole Spacing
EMT-7990   Rope Plate - Brass - 5 1/2" Center to Center Hole Spacing
x1   Rope Rosette
EMT-2401   Rope Rosette Doorbell Button
EMT-8364   Rope Style Double Cylinder Brass
EMT-8464   Rope Style Single Cylinder - Brass
EMT-8564   Rope Style Single Sided - Brass
819-BHP   Round Bore Pocket Door Passage
820-BHP   Round Bore Pocket Door Privacy
024-BHP   Round Cabinet Knob
EMT-86037   Round Dimpled Knob 1-1/4"
EMT-86213   Round Dimpled Knob 1-3/4"
EPIT-S50002   Round Double Cylinder Deadbolt
EMT-2211   Round Flush Pull
EPIT-S100RNK   Round Knob-Stainless Steel
EMT-510ROU   Round Modern Knob
334KW   Round Pocket Door Passage Lock
335KW   Round Pocket Door Privacy Lock
EMT-710BZRN   Round Rustic Modern Knob
EPIT-S50001   Round Single Cylinder Deadbolt
EMT-810R   Rustic Lever
EMT-86674   Rustic Modern Appliance Pull 12"
EMT-86675   Rustic Modern Appliance Pull 18"
EMT-8377   Rustic Modern Double Cylinder Sandcast Bronze
EMT-86672   Rustic Modern Pull 10"
EMT-86673   Rustic Modern Pull 12"
EMT-86667   Rustic Modern Pull 3-1/2"
EMT-86668   Rustic Modern Pull 4"
EMT-86669   Rustic Modern Pull 5"
EMT-86670   Rustic Modern Pull 6"
EMT-86671   Rustic Modern Pull 8"
EMT-451623   Rustic Modern Rectangular Full Length
EMT-453646   Rustic Modern Rectangular Full Length Style Grip by Grip
EMT-451522   Rustic Modern Rectangular Monolithic
EMT-453525   Rustic Modern Rectangular Monolithic Style Grip by Grip
EMT-451421   Rustic Modern Rectangular Sectional
EMT-453424   Rustic Modern Rectangular Sectional Style Grip by Grip
EMT-8477   Rustic Modern Rectangular Single Cylinder - Sandcast Bronze
EMT-86661   Rustic Modern Round 1-3/4"
EMT-86660   Rustic Modern Round 1-3/8"
EMT-86662   Rustic Modern Square 1-1/4"
EMT-86663   Rustic Modern Square 1-5/8"
EMT-76029   San Carlos - 18" Wrought Steel Pulls
EMT-76041   San Carlos - 24" Wrought Steel Pulls
EMT-76028   San Carlos - 8" Wrought Steel Pulls
EMT-76026   San Carlos Drawer Pull
EMT-76045   San Carlos Drawer Pull 6"
EMT-710SC   San Carlos Lever
9007-BHP   San Francisco - Euro Paper Holder
9009-BHP   San Francisco - Paper Holder
9001-BHP   San Francisco - Single Robe Hook
9018-BHP   San Francisco - Towel Bar
9004-BHP   San Francisco - Towel Ring
902-BHP   San Francisco Lever - Privacy
903-BHP   San Francisco Lever - Dummy
905-BHP   San Francisco Lever - Keyed Entry
901-BHP   San Francisco Lever - Passage
EMT-2307   Sandcast Bronze 3 Hook w/ Rectangular Plate
EMT-2301   Sandcast Bronze 6-1/2" Towel Ring
EMT-2306   Sandcast Bronze Double Hook w/ Oval Foot
EMT-23051   Sandcast Bronze Double Towel Bar
EMT-2303   Sandcast Bronze Paper Holder, Bar Type
EMT-2304   Sandcast Bronze Paper Holder, Spring Rod Type
EMT-86106   Sandcast Bronze Robe Hook 4"
EMT-2308   Sandcast Bronze Single Post Style Hook
EMT-8557   Sandcast Bronze Style #1 - Single Sided
EMT-8550   Sandcast Bronze Style #2 - Single Sided
EMT-8565   Sandcast Bronze Style #3 - Single Sided
EMT-8574   Sandcast Bronze Style #4 - Single Sided
EMT-23021   Sandcast Bronze Towel Bar
9107-BHP   Santa Cruz - Euro Paper Holder
9109-BHP   Santa Cruz - Paper Holder
9101-BHP   Santa Cruz - Single Robe Hook
9118-BHP   Santa Cruz - Towel Bar
9104-BHP   Santa Cruz - Towel Ring
912-BHP   Santa Cruz Lever - Privacy
913-BHP   Santa Cruz Lever - Dummy
915-BHP   Santa Cruz Lever - Keyed Entry
911-BHP   Santa Cruz Lever - Passage
EMT-810SF   Santa Fe Lever
EMT-4410   Saratoga Style
EMT-8358   Saratoga Style Double Cylinder Brass
EMT-8458   Saratoga Style Single Cylinder - Brass
EMT 8558   Saratoga Style Single Sided - Brass
EMT-710SV   Savannah Knob
F170-ACC   Schlage Accent Lever - Dummy
F51-ACC   Schlage Accent Lever - Keyed Entry
F10-ACC   Schlage Accent Lever - Passage
F40-ACC   Schlage Accent Lever - Privacy
F58-ADD   Schlage Addison Handleset
FA170-AND   Schlage Andover Knob - Dummy
FA51-AND   Schlage Andover Knob - Keyed Entry
FA10-AND   Schlage Andover Knob - Passage
F170-AVA   Schlage Avanti Lever - Dummy
F51-AVA   Schlage Avanti Lever - Keyed Entry
F10-AVA   Schlage Avanti Lever - Passage
F40-AVA   Schlage Avanti Lever - Privacy
F170-BEL   Schlage Bell Knob - Dummy
F51-BEL   Schlage Bell Knob - Keyed Entry
F10-BEL   Schlage Bell Knob - Passage
F40-BEL   Schlage Bell Knob - Privacy
F58-BRK   Schlage Brookshire Handleset
FA170-CLT   Schlage Callington Lever - Dummy
FA51-CLT   Schlage Callington Lever - Keyed Entry
FA10-CLT   Schlage Callington Lever - Passage
FA40-CLT   Schlage Callington Lever - Privacy
F58-CAM   Schlage Camelot Handleset
FE595-CAM-ACC   Schlage Camelot Keypad Entry Flex Lock with Accent Lever
FE285-CAM-ACC   Schlage Camelot x Accent Handleset
FE285-CAM-GEO   Schlage Camelot x Georgian Handleset
F58-CEN   Schlage Century Handleset
FA170-CHP   Schlage Champagne Lever - Dummy
FA51-CHP   Schlage Champagne Lever - Keyed Entry

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