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EMT-23021   Sandcast Bronze Towel Bar
912-BHP   Santa Cruz Lever - Privacy
913-BHP   Santa Cruz Lever - Dummy
915-BHP   Santa Cruz Lever - Keyed Entry
911-BHP   Santa Cruz Lever - Passage
EMT-810SF   Santa Fe Lever
EMT-4410   Saratoga Style
EMT-8358   Saratoga Style Double Cylinder Brass
EMT-8458   Saratoga Style Single Cylinder - Brass
EMT 8558   Saratoga Style Single Sided - Brass
EMT-710SV   Savannah Knob
F170-ACC   Schlage Accent Lever - Dummy
F51-ACC   Schlage Accent Lever - Keyed Entry
F10-ACC   Schlage Accent Lever - Passage
F40-ACC   Schlage Accent Lever - Privacy
F58-ADD   Schlage Addison Handleset
FA170-AND   Schlage Andover Knob - Dummy
FA51-AND   Schlage Andover Knob - Keyed Entry
FA10-AND   Schlage Andover Knob - Passage
F170-AVA   Schlage Avanti Lever - Dummy
F51-AVA   Schlage Avanti Lever - Keyed Entry
F10-AVA   Schlage Avanti Lever - Passage
F40-AVA   Schlage Avanti Lever - Privacy
F170-BEL   Schlage Bell Knob - Dummy
F51-BEL   Schlage Bell Knob - Keyed Entry
F10-BEL   Schlage Bell Knob - Passage
F40-BEL   Schlage Bell Knob - Privacy
F58-BRK   Schlage Brookshire Handleset
FA170-CLT   Schlage Callington Lever - Dummy
FA51-CLT   Schlage Callington Lever - Keyed Entry
FA10-CLT   Schlage Callington Lever - Passage
FA40-CLT   Schlage Callington Lever - Privacy
F58-CAM   Schlage Camelot Handleset
FE595-CAM-ACC   Schlage Camelot Keypad Entry Flex Lock with Accent Lever
FE285-CAM-ACC   Schlage Camelot x Accent Handleset
FE285-CAM-GEO   Schlage Camelot x Georgian Handleset
F58-CEN   Schlage Century Handleset
FA170-CHP   Schlage Champagne Lever - Dummy
FA51-CHP   Schlage Champagne Lever - Keyed Entry
FA10-CHP   Schlage Champagne Lever - Passage
FA40-CHP   Schlage Champagne Lever - Privacy
B62   Schlage Double Cylinder Deadbolt
F170-GEO   Schlage Georgian Knob - Dummy
F51-GEO   Schlage Georgian Knob - Keyed Entry
F10-GEO   Schlage Georgian Knob - Passage
F40-GEO   Schlage Georgian Knob - Privacy
F170-LAT   Schlage Latitude Lever - Dummy
F51-LAT   Schlage Latitude Lever - Keyed Entry
F10-LAT   Schlage Latitude Lever - Passage
F40-LAT   Schlage Latitude Lever - Privacy
F170-MNH   Schlage Manhattan Lever - Dummy
F51-MNH   Schlage Manhattan Lever - Keyed Entry
F10-MNH   Schlage Manhattan Lever - Passage
F40-MNH   Schlage Manhattan Lever - Privacy
FA170-MER   Schlage Merano Lever - Dummy
FA51-MER   Schlage Merano Lever - Keyed Entry
FA10-MER   Schlage Merano Lever - Passage
FA40-MER   Schlage Merano Lever - Privacy
F170-ORB   Schlage Orbit Knob - Dummy
F51-ORB   Schlage Orbit Knob - Keyed Entry
F10-ORB   Schlage Orbit Knob - Passage
F40-ORB   Schlage Orbit Knob - Privacy
F58-PAR   Schlage Parthenon Handleset
F58-PLY   Schlage Plymouth Handleset
FE595-PLY-FLA   Schlage Plymouth Keypad Entry Flex Lock with Flair Lever
F170-PLY   Schlage Plymouth Knob - Dummy
F51-PLY   Schlage Plymouth Knob - Keyed Entry
F10-PLY   Schlage Plymouth Knob - Passage
F40-PLY   Schlage Plymouth Knob - Privacy
FE285-PLY-FLA   Schlage Plymouth x Flair Handleset
FE285-PLY-PLY   Schlage Plymouth x Plymouth Handleset
F170-SIE   Schlage Siena Knob - Dummy
F51-SIE   Schlage Siena Knob - Keyed Entry
F10-SIE   Schlage Siena Knob - Passage
F40-SIE   Schlage Siena Knob - Privacy
B60   Schlage Single Cylinder Deadbolt
FA170-STA   Schlage St. Annes Lever - Dummy
FA51-STA   Schlage St. Annes Lever - Keyed Entry
FA10-STA   Schlage St. Annes Lever - Passage
FA40-STA   Schlage St. Annes Lever - Privacy
F58-WKF   Schlage Wakefield Handleset
3702-BHP   Sea Cliff - Double Robe Hook
3707-BHP   Sea Cliff - Euro Paper Holder
3709-BHP   Sea Cliff - Paper Holder
3718-BHP   Sea Cliff - Towel Bar
3704-BHP   Sea Cliff - Towel Ring
2280-BHP   Sea Cliff Handleset
222-BHP   Sea Cliff Lever - Privacy
223-BHP   Sea Cliff Lever - Dummy
225-BHP   Sea Cliff Lever - Keyed Entry
221-BHP   Sea Cliff Lever - Passage
EMT-461212   Sectional Style (Lafayette Grip)
EMT-461232   Sectional Style (Normandy Grip)
EMT-461222   Sectional Style (San Carlos Grip)
EMT-451812   Sheridan Style
EMT-453818   Sheridan Style Grip by Grip
FA40-AND   Shlage Andover Knob - Privacy
1060-BHP   Single Cylinder Deadbolt
EMT-5308   Single Point Lock with Annapolis Plate
EMT-5302   Single Point Lock with Modern Plate
EMT-510sio   Sion Lever
3907-BHP   Skyline Blvd - Euro Paper Holder
3909-BHP   Skyline Blvd - Paper Holder
3902-BHP   Skyline Blvd - Single Robe Hook
3924-BHP   Skyline Blvd - Towel Bar
3904-BHP   Skyline Blvd - Towel Ring
395-BHP   Skyline Blvd Lever - Keyed Entry
39188-BHP   Skyline Blvd Lever - Passage
39288-BHP   Skyline Blvd Lever - Privacy
39388-BHP   Skyline Blvd Lever Dummy
398-BHP   Skyline Handleset
EMT-2461   Small #1 Style Rosette Doorbell Button
xSD   Small Disc Rosette
EMT-2462   Small Oval Style Rosette Doorbell Button
8409-BHP   Soma - Paper Holder
8401-BHP   Soma - Single Robe Hook
8418-BHP   Soma - Towel Bar
8404-BHP   Soma - Towel Ring
205-BHP   Soma Lever - Keyed Entry
201-BHP   Soma Lever - Passage
202-BHP   Soma Lever - Privacy
203-BHP   Soma Lever Dummy
EMT-3329   Sonoma Mortise Handleset
EMT-3029   Sonoma Style Mortise
EMT-86128   Spindle Cabinet Pull
EMT-86248   Spindle Cabinet Pull 6"
BN-0055   Spring Door Stops
307-BHP   Spring Stops
EMT-86145   Square Cabinet Knob 1 1/4"
EMT-86146   Square Cabinet Knob 1 5/8"
EMT-86038   Square Dimpled Knob
EMT-86212   Square Dimpled Knob 1-3/4"
EMT-510-SQU   Square Modern Knob
x03   Square Rosette
xsq   Square Rosette
EMT-2459   Square Rosette Doorbell Button
EMT-8369   Square Style Double Cylinder Brass
EMT-8469   Square Style Single Cylinder - Brass
EMT-8569   Square Style Single Sided - Brass
042-BHP   Stair Cabinet Pull
EMT-94113   Steeple Tip Sets for Solid Brass Hinges
EMT-97213   Steeple Tips for Solid Brass Hinges
932-BHP   Stinson Beach Lever - Privacy
933-BHP   Stinson Beach Lever - Dummy
935-BHP   Stinson Beach Lever - Keyed Entry
931-BHP   Stinson Beach Lever - Passage
EMT-510STU   Stuttgart Lever
EMT-7070   Style #5 Sideplate - Sandcast Bronze - 3 5/8" Center to Center Hole Spacing
EMT-7670   Style #5 Sideplate - Sandcast Bronze - 5 1/2" Center to Center Hole Spacing
EMT-7010   Style #5 Sideplate - Wrought Steel - 3 5/8" Center to Center Hole Spacing
EMT-8511   Surface Bolts
EMT-86405   Sweep Knob 1 1/4"
EMT-86406   Sweep Pull
EMT-86487   Sweep Pull 10"
EMT-86488   Sweep Pull 12"
EMT-86416   T-Curve Bar Pull
EMT-86415   T-Curve Pull 2"
EMT-86087   T-Strike Strikeplate
EMT-86043   Tenon & Mortise Pull
EMT-86276   Tenon & Mortise Pull 6"
EMT-710TT   Teton Lever
EMT8224   Thumbturn Privacy Belmont Plate
EMT8022   Thumbturn Privacy Colonial Plate
EMT8228   Thumbturn Privacy Delaware Plate
EMT8227   Thumbturn Privacy Oval Beaded Plate
EMT8226   Thumbturn Privacy Quincy Plate
EMT8223   Thumbturn Privacy Rope Plate
EMT-828TP   Thumbturn Privacy Set
EMT8225   Thumbturn Privacy Victoria Plate
9507-BHP   Tiburon - Euro Paper Holder
9509-BHP   Tiburon - Paper Holder
9501-BHP   Tiburon - Single Robe Hook
9518-BHP   Tiburon - Towel Bar
9504-BHP   Tiburon - Towel Ring
958-BHP   Tiburon Handleset
955-BHP   Tiburon Lever - Keyed Entry
95188-BHP   Tiburon Lever - Passage
95288-BHP   Tiburon Lever - Privacy
95388-BHP   Tiburon Lever Dummy
EMT-3022   Topeka Mortise
EMT-3322   Topeka Mortise Handleset
EMT-6030   Trenton Plate - Brass - 5 1/2" Center to Center Hole Spacing
EMT-86428   Tribeca Pull
EMT-86490   Tribeca Pull 10"
EMT-86491   Tribeca Pull 12"
EMT-86444   Trinity Appliance Pull 12"
EMT-86445   Trinity Appliance Pull 18"
EMT-86267   Trinity Drawer Pull 10"
EMT-86483   Trinity Drawer Pull 12"
EMT-86264   Trinity Drawer Pull 3 1/2"
EMT-86263   Trinity Drawer Pull 3"
EMT-86265   Trinity Drawer Pull 4"
EMT-86482   Trinity Drawer Pull 5"
EMT-86266   Trinity Drawer Pull 6"
EMT-86438   Trinity Drawer Pull 8"
EMT-510TRT   Triton Lever
007-BHP   Tulip Cabinet Knob
EMT-810T   Turino Lever
EMT-8372   Tuscany #11 Style Double Cylinder Lost Wax Cast Bronze
EMT-8472   Tuscany #11 Style Single Cylinder - Lost Wax Cast Bronze

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